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Whether you're buying your first home, an experienced buyer, looking to sell your property, invest in income property or refinance, the professionals at P & S Hollywood Development Corp. are here to help. Each professional is highly knowledgeable and trained, ready to work for you.Are you interested in refinancing? 


Determine whether refinancing makes sense or get help assessing your equity. Our mortgage professionals are standing by. Call us today at 323-663-2070. 


​Not just another loan, but a solution to the loan itself.

If you are like most homeowners with a traditional mortgage, you pay for your home by doing two things each month: First, you earn the income necessary to make your mortgage payments. Second, you make those payments by writing checks to your lender. 

​Sounds simple enough except for one major hurdle standing in your way: mortgage interest. You see, traditional mortgages come with so much interest built in, it can nearly double the price of your home. That excessive cost limits your ability to put more of your hard-earned dollars away for future needs, like college tuition and of course the biggie: retirement. 

​So instead of spending a large share of your earnings on mortgage interest, how would you like to have a loan program designed purely to help you avoid as much of it as possible? Well, now you can. 


​Simply put, the All In One™ is a home loan that functions as a personal savings account. Yes, home financing and personal banking are combined into one! 

​If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. In the course of just ten years, you probably deposit more money through your traditional bank account than you actually owe on your home. 

​By combining the two accounts into one, you can effectively use your deposits to offset your loan’s daily balance and in turn, lower your monthly interest payments. It’s pretty simple: the less you spend on mortgage interest, the more money you will have left to help you with other financial goals.


Step One: Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our All In One Home Loan Specialists

Step Two: Our specialists will guide you through the All In One Home Loan Simulator where you will see how you can save thousands of dollars in interest and payoff your home years in advance, all without any changes to your spending habits

Step Three: Use the All In One Home Loan to purchase your next home or refinance your current loan. The All In One™ Home Loan requires a 20% down payment minimum, 700 FICO and is processed just like a traditional loan transaction. We close most purchase loans in 21 calendar days on average.

Step Four: It may seem like an incremental savings at first, but pennies compound into dollars, dollars into hundreds of dollars and within a decade or so, tens of thousands of dollars in mortgage interest can be saved. 

The All In One™ is much more than a loan - it’s a flexible credit facility - designed to help you avoid mortgage interest costs, increase household liquidity and pay your home off faster.